(1961 – Allemagne – France – Italie)


VENDREDI 13 HEURES  (1961 - Allemagne - France - Italie)

Titre allemand : An einem Freitag um halb zwölf
D’après Pas de mentalité SN n° 443 (The World in My Pocket, 1959)

• Réal. : Alvin RAKOFF / Origine : France-RFA-Italie / Durée : 93mn / Scén. : Frank HARVEY / Photos : Vaclav VICH / Mus. : Claude BOLLING

Interp. : Rod STEIGER (Frank Morgan), Nadja TILLER (Jenny), Peter VAN EYCK (Bleck), Jean SERVAIS (Gypo), Ian BANNEN (Kitson), Marisa MERLINI (Mme Mandini), Memmo CAROTENUTO (M. Mandini), Edouardo VINOLA (Carlo Mandini).

Intrigue : Avant de se retirer des affaires, quatre aventuriers vont tenter un hold-up mirifique : un camion blindé.

"..would stop the heartbeats of old Alf Hitchcock himself " Daily Sketch
"..a masterly study in suspense and thrills " Dublin Herald
"..our nerves are as taut as violin strings " Sunday Express
" Terse, underplaying direction by Alvin Rakoff and outstanding camerawork do much to make this one of the more noteworthy pix of the season" VARIETY
"Imaginative direction " New York Daily News
" Bold, bloody and breathless " Films & Filming
" The suspense is terrific " Evening News
" Infinite suspense " Daily Mail
" Taut with fine direction " New York Mirror