(1985 USA)


RIGGED (1985 - USA)

D’après Délit de fuite SN n° 390 (Hit and Run, 1959)
1ère version cinéma : Délit de fuite (Bernard Borderie, France, 1959)

• Réal. : Matt CIMBER sous le pseudonyme de Claudio M. CUTRY / Origine : Etats-Unis / Durée : 92 mn / Scén. : John GOFF et Jill GURR / Photos : Eddy van der EDEN (couleurs) / Mus. : Brian BANKS et Anthony MARINELLI / Mont. : John R. BOWEN / Interp. : Ken ROBERTSON (Mason MORGAN), Pamela BRYANT (Monique), Dene Hofteizer ANTON (Cheryl), George KENNEDY (Benjamin Wheeler), John GOFF (West), Ramon Gonzalez CUEVAS (Lopez).

Life looks rosy for Mace Morgan, chief rig inspector for Wheeler International, major maker and maintainer of offshore oil exploration hardware, when his tough-nut company boss, Benjamin Wheeler (George Kennedy) offers him a patnership in a new oil-drilling enterprise. But the sweet life starts turning sour when Mace becomes emotionally involved with Monique, a Louisiana oil groupie and Benjamin's latest bit. When Benjamin laid up with a broken leg, Mace and Monique make the most of their chance to be together - until a lover's tiff sends her hurtling off into the night in Mace's sport car, culminating in a hit-and-run killing of a motorcycle cop.
Mace tries to cover Monique's involvement in the crime but soon find himself caught in a web of blackmail, drug-running and corruption involving the Police. Soon the bodies start to pile up around him and he finds out he is being framed for murder.