(1974 - RFA, Pologne)

The Catamount Killing   Horst Werner Buchholz   Kit e l'Omicida - L'Amante dell'Assassino   The Catamount Killing - Krzystof Zanussi

LOHNGELDER FÜR PITTSVILLE  (1974 - RFA, Pologne)   a.k.a. Pittsville - Ein Safe voll Blut

Titre polonais : Morderstwo W Catamount - Titre américain : The Catamount Killing - Titre italien : Kit e l'Omicida - L'Amante dell'Assassino

D’après Tueur de charme SN n° 705 (I would rather stay poor, 1962)

• Réal. : Krzystof ZANUSSI / Origine : RFA-Pologne / Durée : 91mn / Prod. : Manfred Durniok, Ruffin Barron Bennett / Scén. : Julian et Sheila MORE, Krzystof ZANUSSI / Photos : Witold SOBOCINSKI / Mont. : Ilona WASGINT / Son : Michael UBERALL, Matyte KAVALIANSKAS / Interp. : Horst Werner BUCHHOLZ (Mark Kalvin), Ann WEDGEWORTH (Kit Loring), Chip TAYLOR (Ken Travers), Louise CAIRE CLARK (Iris Loring), Patricia JOYCE (Alice CRAIG), Polly HOLIDAY (Miss PEARSON), Stuart GERMAIN (Mr Hardy), Rod BROWNING (Easton), Peter BRANDON (Marthy), Lotti KREKEL (Helga), Ernest MARTIN (Rudy), Leon CARTER (Trooper), Stuart GERMAIN (Mr. Hardy), Aleksander BARDINI (Gas Attendant)

Feeling like losers, the bank manager and a boardinghouse manager in a small Vermont town discover a common bond and together plan a heinous crime. They intend to rob the bank of a large payroll which is due, at the same time killing another manager's girlfriend in order to frame him for the murder and the robbery. Things don't work out quite the way they plan, and the consequences are horrible. ~ Clarke Fountain, All Movie Guide