(1952 - UK/USA)


LAST PAGE  (1952 - UK/USA)  a k a  Man Bait

Type: Features
Rating: NR (Suitable for Children)
Running Time: 78 minutes
Starring: George Brent, Marguerite Chapman, Diana Dors, Raymond Huntley, Peter Reynolds
Directed by: Terence Fisher

The Last Page was the original British title for the 1952 murder meller Man Bait. Hollywood's George Brent plays a married bookstore owner who is blackmailed by scheming Diana Dors. The subsequent chain reaction of events leads to the death of Brent's invalid wife. It gets worse when Dors is killed by her partner-in-crime Peter Reynolds, and Brent is accused of the crime. The bookseller's faithful secretary Marguerite Chapman comes to the rescue. As with many British programmers of the 1950s which starred American actors, The Last Page was distributed in the U.S. by Lippert Productions.

CAST FOR 'Man Bait'

George Brent (John Harman), Marguerite Chapman (Stella), Raymond Huntley (Clive), Peter Reynolds (Jeff), Diana Dors (Ruby), Eleanor Summerfield (Vi), Meredith Edwards (Dale), Harry Fowler (Joe), Conrad Phillips (Todd), George Raft, Isabel Dean (May)


Terence Fisher - Director
Anthony Hinds - Producer
James Hadley Chase - Short Story Author
Frederick Knott - Screenwriter
Maurice Rootes - Editor
Walter Harvey - Cinematographer